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One Character (Rough)

Including any accessories, pets, etc. grabbable objects that are not part of the background, and are attached to or surrounding the character of all sizes from headshot to full body.

Background (Rough)

Ranged from simple gradient colour to anything decently complex. Excluding solid-white colour and overly complicated details.

One Character (Detailed)

Includes higher amount of details and refining to the character and surrounding objects mentioned in Rough style.

Background (Detailed)

Background with less painty style, more refined and cleaner overall than Rough style. Also includes higher amount of details.

Rough Style
Detailed Style
2x Price

If there is a deadline set, regardless of the length, this option will be applied.

Private Request
2x Price

All artworks are open to the public by default. Include this if you wish to keep it private permanently.

Commercial Usage (Indie)
1x Price~

Applicable to small indies. Additional variations such as multiple face expressions, separated body parts, etc. require additional fees.

Commercial Usage
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